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IMS Policy

Integrated Management Systems Policy
(Quality, Security, Food Safety, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Policy)

Saifee Ship Spare Parts & Ship Chandlers LLC is engaged in the provision, storage and distribution of Technical Stores, fresh, chilled, frozen and dry provisions and related services to the marine industry and is committed to

Deliver quality assured safe products and support to our customers at all times, and to fully meet all their needs and expectations within the confines of our supply scope.

Continual improvement of all internal processes and systems enabling effective team work and customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated to impart awareness on quality, safety, environment, food safety and social responsibilities to all our employees and external parties through training and visual communication.

Achieve business excellence by implementing effective consultation, communication & participation, with an emphasis on prevention of injury, ill health and environmental pollution.

Making a conscious effort to make the utmost use/ re-use of packaging material and as far as possible use environmental friendly packaging & cleaning products & methods.

Ensure that all food Products are always received, stored and delivered under sanitary and appropriate storage conditions that do not expose it to the risk of contamination.

Prevent contamination by implementing good hygiene practices and by creating effective food safety practices among the employees.

Provide a secure working environment by protecting ourselves, our assets, our operations and all interested parties against the risk of injury, lost or damage resulting from criminal or hostile acts and negligence.

Reduction of waste and conservation of natural resources, contribution of climate change mitigation, adaptation and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Establish QHSE & Food Safety objectives to successfully accomplish business goals.

Comply with applicable statutory, regulatory and other requirements related to our products and services.

Devekop risk based thinking to maintain business continuity at all times.

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