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P.O. Box : 3316,
Plot No.598-755,
Dubai Investment Park,
Tel:971 4 8124444 / 45
Fax:971 4 8124486

Engine Stores

Our range consist of the following:-
Rubber Air Hose, Welding hoses, Corrugated Rubber hose,
PVC water suction/Delivery Hose, Steam Rubber Hose,
Penetrating Oil, Multi Purpose Grease, Rust Preventives,
Gear Grease, Paint mittens, Aluminium extension poles,
Nylon deck brushes, Pneumatic Die Grinders,
Pneumatic Straight Grinders, Pneumatic Hand Drills,
Socket Wrench Sets, Power Wrenches, Straub Coupling,
and .....

Deck Stores

Our range consist of the following:-
Gloves Cotton, Rubber coated Gloves,
Non-Slip dotted Gloves, Winter Gloves,
Wire Ropes, P.P. Ropes, Manila Ropes, Nylon Ropes,
Shackles, Turnbuckles, Tonsberg, Mooring Links,
Joining shackles, Anchor shackles, Kenter shackles,
Tees, Sockets, Reducing Sockets,
Our range includes Graphite packing, Ramie packing,
and .....

Cabin Stores

Our range consist of the following:-
Door rings, Padlocks, Door closers
Paint brushes& paint rollers
Bath mats, Coir door mats
Deck rubber mats, Plastic sheeting,
Corrugated rubber matting
Complete range of Cleaning Materials & Chemicals
and .....

Electrical Stores

We stock a complete range of :
Navigation Lights, Green Flashing Lights,
Red Flashing Lights, Suez Canal Searchlights,
Full range of merchant flags, Infrared lamps,
Mercury lamps, Self ballasted mercury lamps,
Florescent Lamps, Reflection lamp lighting fixtures
Lamp holders, Cello light fuses, Carbon brushes,
Clamp meters, Avo meters, Digital multimeters,
and .....

Safety Stores

Our range consist of the following:-
Life Jackets, Lifebouys, immersion suits,
Life boat anchors, Life boat jack knives,
Life boat ditty bags, All purpose nozzles,
Safety belts & hooks, Dust protecting masks,
Paint spray respirators, plastic chipping goggles,
Noise foe ear muffs, Earplugs, Safety helmets,
Bronze and Cast Iron hose end valves
and .....

Provision Stores

Our range consist of the following:-
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Onion, Potato
Radish White, Beetroot, Carrots,
Apple Red, Banana, Pineapple, Grapefruit,
Mango, Orange, Grape Green, Garlic,

and .....