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Assorted Range of :
Gloves Cotton,
Rubber coated Gloves,
Non-Slip dotted Gloves,
Winter Gloves,
Leather Palm Gloves,
Natural Rubber Gloves & Oil/Acid Gloves.

Our Safety shoe / Boot range consists of:-
Rubber Boots,
Safety Shoes,
Safety work Boots,
Oil/Acid Resistant Boots & Shoes

Also Available
Rain suits with Hood,
Boiler suits (Cotton + Polyester) in all colours,
Parka Jackets & Refrigerator Coats.


All Ropes are available with test certificates.


We cover the complete range of :
Wire Ropes,
P.P. Ropes,
Manila Ropes,
Nylon Ropes,
Mooring Tails,
Wire Rope slings,
Tonsberg mooring Links,
Fairlead Mandal Shackles,
Heaving Lines,
Signal Halyards,
Tarred Marline,
Sailtwine & Seizing Wire.




Consist of a complete range of :
Mooring Links,
Mandal Fairlead,
Fairlead Shackles,
Deck Lashing,
Turn Buckles,
Rigging Screws,
Wire Rope Clips, Wire Rope Thimbles &
Manila Rope,
Safety Latch Hooks,
Swivel Safety Cargo Hooks,
Deltaplates, Alloy Chains.
We also carry a complete range
Steel Cargo Blocks,
Guy+Snatch Blocks+Wooden Blocks ,
Cargo Safety nets, Nylon Slings,
Endless Type Sling, Waterproof Canvas,
Scupper Plugs,
Oil Absorbent Sheets,
Oil Absorbent Pellets,
Oil Blooms,
Hatch Cover Tape.

Speciality products are:

Container lashing & securing Gears like Twistlocks,
Lashing rod long,
Lashing rod short,
Single stacker,
Double stacker,
Bridge fittings,
Actuator poles,
Extension rods,
Corner hooks,
Lashing eyes & lashing chains.

Anchor chains

Joining shackles,
Anchor shackles,
Kenter shackles,
Swiver shackles,
Chain stoppers stockless Anchors.

We are distributors for a Product called “BANDO” which is second to none. It is available with a complete range of accessories & spares backed with international warranty & performance.




Our range consist of the following:-

Rubber Air Hose,
Welding hoses,
Corrugated Rubber hose,
PVC water suction/Delivery Hose,
Steam Rubber Hose,
Chemical Rubber Hose,
Oil Transfer Hose,
PVC Air duct Hose,
PVC industrial hose,
hydraulic rubber hoses.

Coupling range is follows:-
Lock Air Type Hose Coupling,
Universal Air Hose Coupling,
Quick Connect Couplers




We hold Mild Steel
Sch 40 + Sch 80 seamless pipes upto 14”.
Hydraulic Mild Steel Pipes,
Stainless steel 316L + 304L pipe IN Sch 10,
Sch 40, Sch 80, Seamless Copper Tubes,
Alu-Brass Tubes.


To support our large pipe stock we also have the complete range of fittings such as


Reducing Sockets,
Hexagon Bushings,
Square head plugs,
Short + Long nipples,
etc. In addition we also hold pipe coupling + joints.

We are one of the largest stockists of Valves in the Middle East. This stock includes the following:-


Marine Bronze Valves
(Globe + Angle Type) 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K
Marine Cast Iron Valves
(Globe + Angle Type) 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K
Marine Cast Steel Valves
(Globe + Angle Type) 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K
Marine Cast Iron & Cast Steel Gate Valves
(Butterfly Valves Lock Lever + Worm Gear Type)

Our range of valves is from 1/2” to 24”.
Also included in our stock of
valves are lift check valves,
Swing check valves,
Safety relief valves,
Bronze cock valves,
Hose valves, diaphragm valves,
pipe line & strainers,
Steam traps, Air-vent heads oil
Flow meters and indicator cocks.



We are the authorized agents for Chersterton Marine Packing.


Along with Chesterton we also stock various
other brands.
Our range includes
Graphite packing, 
Ramie packing,
PTFE Ramie packing,
PTFE fiber packing,
Asbestos free Aramid packing,  
Stern gland packing,
Water packing,
Tank lid packing,
Universal asbestos joint sheets,
Steam asbestos joint sheets,
Wire interwoven asbestos joint sheets,
Compressed asbestos Fiber jointing,
Oil resistant joint sheets,
Asbestos free gasket joint sheets,
Cortex joint sheets,
Natural rubber joint sheets, 
Semi metallic gaskets,
Flange gaskets,
Thistle bond products,
Uni metal,
Anti corrosive tapes,
Teflon cords,
Teflon rounds,
Teflon sheets, ‘O’ rings,
Rubber strings, ‘O’ ring splicing rits,
Copper ‘O’ ring kits, 
LODFAH sponges,